Week Three, January 2015: Dress up Games


This week I have been spending most of my time working on the story I mentioned last week. It is longer then I planned, and I think it needs editing but I really love it. So Last night I decided to spend some time playing with a dress up game to create Coralia, the mermaid in the story. This is something I love doing (and dolldivine is a brilliant place to to it), you see I don’t think in images, until someone draws a character for me I don’t really see them even though I know them. So playing with these games allows me to see what they might look like, and allows me in turn to describe certain parts better. I can’t always get an accurate picture out of a dress up game, but it makes me think about what they look like more. I find this improves my writing, generally I will focus more on how a character sounds, acts and moves; I only give a rough idea of colour and that is about it. However after playing with these games I am more confident in describing a character visually.

Do you ever use Dress Up games? Can I see some of your characters?


Week Two, January 2015: Mermaids

So this week was rather successful, with roughly 4k words written in the last six days. I started the week working on a virtual reality novel set in a world where the internet is currently being converted to full virtual integration with the mind. In this world people are getting trapped in the internet. However I started by having the character getting stuck in DayZ which I realised later was not relevant to the rest of the story.

With that realisation I decided to start working on a mermaid tale. This was inspired by images of men carrying mermaids in a loving way, and by the fact that mermaids are not your typical fantasy fare any more. I wanted to explore how such a love might develop in a world where mermaids are monsters.

Before I share my mermaid story I would like to ask; What is your favourite fantasy creature that isn’t a dwarf or elf?

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Week One, January 2015: Kat Stinson

Hopefully this year I will be writing daily and posting weekly. Each week I will be sharing my favourite scene or short story from the week. This week went quite well, I wrote an average of 744 words per day, with my best day being 1315 words and my worst being today, with 36 before this post.

This weeks focus was on short, stand alone scenes and stories. The themes tended to be sci-fi and apocalyptic stories with a strong sense of survival. The scene I wish to share with you might not be the best of the week but it was one I found very fun. I’ve had some characters in mind for a post-apocalyptic setting for a while now, especially this girl, so I took a few days to write some scenes for this woman. Click through to read the scene.




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NaNo Update

I’m behind… you can see that in the image to the write. I go between writing heaps in a day to writing very little. However I am loving my story and using Scrivener has been a blessing. It has me thinking in scenes, something I have never done well before.

I’m even already making notes on how I need to edit, even with notes for rewriting, something I usually hate.

If you would like to read and give me any advice check it out here.


NaNoWriMo First Weekend

Adrift in the Ocean of Change

A hundred years after a catastrophic flooding event, the entire world is covered in ocean. Humans survive in boats made of bone and leather, leading nomadic lives, and meeting at coral reefs and kelp forests to trade. Then, one young woman goes diving for pearls, only to find something far more precious: seeds. She finds herself caught between three leaders who think they should have sole control of the seeds. Her own plan? To share them with all of humanity.

So I’m doing my waterworld inspired novel, but I haven’t got much done yet, I’m sick for the first weekend and have very little inspiration to write. But now I have something to live up to. Winning the first day of 30 Covers, 30 Days was a shock, I didn’t even know I had until someone NaNoMailed me. Of course of the last couple of days I’d been debating changing the title, I wasn’t sure it fit and was debating just calling it Waterworld.

I’m behind now, but I’ve finished the first chapter and made some decisions, and am not making others. Do you want me to upload chapters?

Back in Time for NaNoWriMo

So I’m back, trying to get into my writing again. What better way than NaNoWriMo? And this year is going to be even more fun than ever! This year I am taking a whole new generation of novelists with me on the adventure known as NaNoWriMo. I am a after school care worker and when asking to put up a poster about the YWP my boss responded with “You could do that with the students!” I am really looking forward to this, one of the boys is writing a story called Llamas Vs. Zombies.

But before that I have to finish my assignments without getting too distracted by my story ideas. How is your NaNoPrep going?

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Stream of Consciousness

I decided today to write a stream of consciousness to try and sort out my problems. This is rare, I don’t write my own thoughts down very often, but I do find it a powerful tool. I was talking about my current lack of writing output and even started talking more directly about my interaction with online sharing like wordpress. As you will see I decided to share it here. I have not even read this over once this is really you guys getting to see me as I am a half hour snippet of my thought process.

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