Week Three, January 2015: Dress up Games


This week I have been spending most of my time working on the story I mentioned last week. It is longer then I planned, and I think it needs editing but I really love it. So Last night I decided to spend some time playing with a dress up game to create Coralia, the mermaid in the story. This is something I love doing (and dolldivine is a brilliant place to to it), you see I don’t think in images, until someone draws a character for me I don’t really see them even though I know them. So playing with these games allows me to see what they might look like, and allows me in turn to describe certain parts better. I can’t always get an accurate picture out of a dress up game, but it makes me think about what they look like more. I find this improves my writing, generally I will focus more on how a character sounds, acts and moves; I only give a rough idea of colour and that is about it. However after playing with these games I am more confident in describing a character visually.

Do you ever use Dress Up games? Can I see some of your characters?


Back in Time for NaNoWriMo

So I’m back, trying to get into my writing again. What better way than NaNoWriMo? And this year is going to be even more fun than ever! This year I am taking a whole new generation of novelists with me on the adventure known as NaNoWriMo. I am a after school care worker and when asking to put up a poster about the YWP my boss responded with “You could do that with the students!” I am really looking forward to this, one of the boys is writing a story called Llamas Vs. Zombies.

But before that I have to finish my assignments without getting too distracted by my story ideas. How is your NaNoPrep going?

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Stream of Consciousness

I decided today to write a stream of consciousness to try and sort out my problems. This is rare, I don’t write my own thoughts down very often, but I do find it a powerful tool. I was talking about my current lack of writing output and even started talking more directly about my interaction with online sharing like wordpress. As you will see I decided to share it here. I have not even read this over once this is really you guys getting to see me as I am a half hour snippet of my thought process.

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Plans for the Future

I’ve finally got through the backlog of stories I really wanted to post, I will go a little slower from now on, but these are the things I still need to add.

  • Casting Runesongs (Completed fantasy novel) – Planning (6 posts)a Blurb (with a link to completed novel) and two short stories
  • Aetheria (Surreal fantasy world-building)– All the planning (lots), two short stories and a post for story ideas
  • Suppression (post-apocalyptic alien invasion world-building) – Planning
  • Mists of Corruption (Choose your own adventure swords and Sorcery) – Planning
  • Void Queen (Science Fantasy Epic Novel) – Planning and links to the first few chapters.


I know, it looks like a lot and I’ll try to spread it out. You may not get Suppression or Mists of Corruption as they are projects which haven’t progressed far. I’m also debating whether to also post about other hobbies (such as my paper crane folding) or to leave it with my writing.

Finally I need to work on my About page and pages for each project. Please let me know what you’d like to know about me.


A Room Full of Cranes

Thousands of paper cranes filled the room. The hung from the ceiling and rose in piles from the floor. Each crane was made from a unique piece of paper. People didn’t come into this room often any more. It was too full of spirits. Not that anyone in the asylum said that, staff weren’t supposed to believe in those kind of things in an insane asylum. It was well known though. This room was said to have had an inmate years ago. She had been there for 50 years, and every day she was sent paper. Paper from old friends, from staff members, from families of other inmates. Whenever she got a repeated pattern she would give a crane to the first person who walked past her cell. She won friends easily, she was quietly kind.

Now the room was empty of life, yet the cranes shifted and some would swear that new cranes would be added to the strings above. Inmate’s didn’t like spending time in there. They didn’t feel unwelcome, they said, instead they felt like they were intruding. It was a private place, a calm place. A kind place. Whenever a staff member was feeling especially worn out by the trials of the day they would step into that cell. Some told the cell their problems, some just cried, but all came out feeling a little better.

In that room even the most violent of patients became careful, the most distressed became calm. The cranes were special. No one ever said anything officially, but everyone knew. On the door was a plaque, it read.

“1000 cranes represent a wish for 1000 years of health and happiness. 100,000 cranes were folded here.”


I fold many cranes in my spare time, this was a rare time when my two hobbies met.

I am…

I am curious and creative
I wonder about the universe
I hear the winds of Mars
I want to travel off this world of ours
I am curious and creative

I pretend to visit far off worlds
I feel the excitement of mysteries
I touch ice of distant Europa
I worry humans might wreck it all
I cry to think we won’t go far
I am curious and creative

I understand how stars live
I say we need to visit them all
I dream we visit many planets
I try to show others the beauty of that dream
I hope humans explore the universe
I am curious and creative.


Create your own here. Its a wonderful poem format to play with.