World Building

Sometimes building worlds for the sake of building worlds is fun. Its not usually how I start creating novels but I find it fun to create things like societal structures and magic systems from scratch with no characters in mind.


I’ve done this a few times, and not all in a format that I can easily show you.Yes, because show you I will.I love showing people my process, the thought I put into these worlds. Even a novel might only show a small snapshot of a world, when I have often built so much more. When you read these please ask questions, questioning is an important part of my world building process and you will come up with different questions then I do on my own.


The main World Building project I have undertaken over the last couple of years is Aetheria, a surreal fantasy realm where magic is raw and chaotic. Its odd in the fact it has smaller more stable worlds floating within the realm. This offers me endless possibilities in creating and exploring this world. I hope you will enjoy the light I shine upon this world.


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