Aetheric Turbulence

Turbulence in Aetheria has a different meaning. Turbulent pockets of the Aetheria are places where sudden changes are more likely to happen. Avoiding them is preferable, but the Aether is thick with them so this is not always easy. They appear to most observers as “clouds” of various materials, from bubbles to dust to vapours of various colours. This manifestation however does bleed off some of their severity, a patch of turbulence which has not created a cloud around it will often develop changes more quickly and with less warning.

The clouds will fade as they use up the chaos in the turbulence. This can either be through creating objects or dissolving them, though sometimes the magic goes into messing with time in the area, or with the perceptions of space. Turbulence cannot dissolve a sentient being or their closest possessions as their own idea of themselves leaves an impression on the Aether that allows them to maintain their presence. Non-sentients may be dissolved, but are often recreated elsewhere, though not exactly as they were.

Aetheric turbulence can not, on its own, create life. This complexity is beyond the ability of the random nature of the changes. Life may appear however and the Aether has maintained an imprint of something it has dissolved and has recreated it. This recreation may happen anywhere though their are theories that their are currents in the aether to allow these imprints to move around.

Some clouds in Aetheria are actually quite stable, the turbulence having been used up simply creating them. These will dissipate over time as turbulence slowly dissolves it. This is also a main factor in the argument of not simply avoiding all clouds, as these “stable” clouds are safer then clear aether. However there is no way to know whether a cloud is one of these “stable” clouds or a dangerous one.

It is a matter of much debate amongst explorers as to whether the best thing to do is to avoid the cloud or to fly for the clouds. Consensus tends to be that just flying straight is preferable, Aetheria is dangerous enough already and its a death sentence to spend any more time in any part of it then you need to. All this talk is often irrelevant though as in most places in Aetheria these clouds are so thick there is no way to go but through them. Some travellers swear by certain strategies to picking which clouds to fly through, (ie. cool colours, vapourous only, thinnest or thickest) but their is evidence to suggest this is only superstition and has little actual information. The clouds merely indicate areas where the aether is more susceptible to chaos, and by the very nature of chaos the fluctuation which caused the cloud to come into existence may be either more or less violent then any other fluctuation, or the cloud might never happen at all. Some even argue that the cloud itself is not a clear indicator, and that turbulent patches have only a 25-33% chance of causing a cloud, while the other two thirds – three quarters of the time the turbulence throws up something more dangerous or complex.

Studying the aetheric turbulence is extremely difficult, as it is simply chaos. Pure chaos cannot be studied as there is no underlying pattern, and as more druids pool their information at Corazon it is becoming clearer that the turbulence is so close to being purely chaotic that no study with current techniques will uncover its inner workings.


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