Week Two, January 2015: Mermaids

So this week was rather successful, with roughly 4k words written in the last six days. I started the week working on a virtual reality novel set in a world where the internet is currently being converted to full virtual integration with the mind. In this world people are getting trapped in the internet. However I started by having the character getting stuck in DayZ which I realised later was not relevant to the rest of the story.

With that realisation I decided to start working on a mermaid tale. This was inspired by images of men carrying mermaids in a loving way, and by the fact that mermaids are not your typical fantasy fare any more. I wanted to explore how such a love might develop in a world where mermaids are monsters.

Before I share my mermaid story I would like to ask; What is your favourite fantasy creature that isn’t a dwarf or elf?

The ship floated in burning pieces all around him, he himself floated half senseless in one of the row boats. He couldn’t remember what had happened but he knew his life was over. He heard someone gasping in pain and paddled his way towards the sound using his hands. But he was confused it was a woman’s voice he could hear. He saw the woman, she was naked it seemed with her black hair falling in messy tangles down her back. He guessed she must be the captain’s whore or something similar, but something about the sheen of her hair seemed off… green almost. He groaned as he pulled her into the boat, her blood was spreading in the water around her. He almost dropped her when a tail thrashed in the water, it was a smooth deep green with tattered black fins which looked almost like hair in the water. He pulled her more and the tail came up with her. He backed away and stared at her for a moment, just lying there in the bilge water moaning and writhing in pain.

“You are an evil creature…” He said softly.

The hair fell from her face and he didn’t see the seductive beauty he had been prepared for, instead he saw the face of a young girl, no more than sixteen. It was twisted in a pain that wrenched the heart, in a pain that somehow accentuated the innocence.

“I won’t survive this anyway I guess.”

He ripped off his shirt and pressed it around the huge splinter of wood embedded in her shoulder. She twisted in pain and he saw her sharp teeth behind the pretty lips. He rested his body on hers so she would be still. With a grunt he pulled out the splinter and the mermaid thrashed, biting down hard on his arm. He tried to ignore the pain, ignore it all as he tied his shirt around her wound, still holding her as still as he could manage. His arm stung in the salt spray as he tried to carefully slide off her. It was only the extreme pain the bilge water caused that stopped him from collapsing right there. He touched it gingerly.

“I guess I should have expected the evil creature to harm someone only trying to help.”

He glanced at her again surprised to see her staring at him with wide eyes. His vision swam, the black encroaching on the edges. The last thing he saw before going unconscious was her face. She almost looked regretful, confused and… kind. He didn’t expect to wake up again.

If you would like to read more please comment and I will share.


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