As I grew as a writer I began to move away from short stories and started writing longer pieces. Here is where you can find all my novels and links to their pages. I may not post all my past novels here, but you will see my current Projects.



Casting Runesongs

In a world where angels and demons have been at war for thousands of years a new threat emerges. The weak humans must lead the uneasy alliance of Demons and Angels to find the source of this threat, and its eventual cure.

Yethzer is a warrior of the demonguard charged with the protection of a human healer in this quest for the truth. Also charged with the healer’s protection is an angel swordsman. Along the way they must fight the mutual enmity which arises naturally between them as well as the forces which mean to halt their quest before it even begins.

This was one of the first novels I was truly proud of, and though now I may not push it for publication I do want to share it.


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