Back in Time for NaNoWriMo

So I’m back, trying to get into my writing again. What better way than NaNoWriMo? And this year is going to be even more fun than ever! This year I am taking a whole new generation of novelists with me on the adventure known as NaNoWriMo. I am a after school care worker and when asking to put up a poster about the YWP my boss responded with “You could do that with the students!” I am really looking forward to this, one of the boys is writing a story called Llamas Vs. Zombies.

But before that I have to finish my assignments without getting too distracted by my story ideas. How is your NaNoPrep going?

So I have two idea I wouldn’t mind doing, the first one is this.

Set in a world a hundred or so years after a catastrophic flooding event. The entire world is covered in ocean now and humans survive mostly in bone and leather boats; they have a mostly nomadic lifestyle meeting at coral reefs and kelp forests to trade. The story follows a young woman who finds some seeds when diving for pearls. She finds herself caught between 1-3 large communities who think they should have sole control of the seeds (due to perceived expertise/resources as well some greed). She however does not see why they cannot be shared among all humanity.

This one I’ve put a lot of planning into (sort of) and seems like it could be fun. Though I have a couple of alternate ideas on possible sources of conflict other then seeds. This story thus is well researched (setting wise) but allows a bit of freedom.


The other idea is from a dream I had a couple of days ago, here is me trying to make sense of it.

Woman invents a new machine which collects an odd energy from the world around her (our setting) but when she tries to use it she is knocked out. She wakes up in a ruin in a place unknown to her. As she journeys she finds others up to about 30. They all discover they can manipulate the world around them to a certain degree. She researches this ability and realise they are surrounded even more by the energy she had been trying to collect and appeared to be, in a small way, collecting and using it themselves. This insight and the fact she seemed to be the best at harnessing the power caused her to be considered a leader.

Her instruments detected a massive churn in the energy (ether/mana) some distance away. to reach it they had to skirt a dead zone. They saw a floating city there and were able climb some escalators up there and she got them in. The leader saw they were not a threat and that her knowledge was powerful, as their society treated the energy as a form of magic, and did not truly understand the energy collectors and machines which kept them aloft. She starts to receive training.

The city was under attack from the dead zone though, small objects attached to the base and drained the energy from the area dropping it to the ground  and damaging it. While it was draining random residents would see things when manipulating the energy, but didn’t recognise this as significant at first.

She notices a few times and realises others are seeing odd things too. She recognises at the same time that the collectors are struggling slightly around the time when the hallucinations occur she takes this concern to the leader and he and she must work together to find out why before too many people are killed. (Queer-platonic relationship)
Antagonist – he lives in the dead area (surname duncan) and caused the dead area through over collecting. He is trying to down the city before it creates another dead zone. He is unable to leave the dead zone as the energy is no longer a part of him and reacts negatively to his presence, however he can manipulate some energy from a distance. He has an old library that allows him to make use of ancient (our) technology.
This is an interesting idea/setting and I might include most things except the paragraph on hallucinations, seems to obvious to me I think in a different section of the dream these were happening before missiles hit the area but that makes even less sense. I don’t know, dreams are hard. Also the woman was a man at the start of the dream (not same character, I just switch characters sometimes in dreams).

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