NaNo Update

I’m behind… you can see that in the image to the write. I go between writing heaps in a day to writing very little. However I am loving my story and using Scrivener has been a blessing. It has me thinking in scenes, something I have never done well before.

I’m even already making notes on how I need to edit, even with notes for rewriting, something I usually hate.

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NaNoWriMo First Weekend

Adrift in the Ocean of Change

A hundred years after a catastrophic flooding event, the entire world is covered in ocean. Humans survive in boats made of bone and leather, leading nomadic lives, and meeting at coral reefs and kelp forests to trade. Then, one young woman goes diving for pearls, only to find something far more precious: seeds. She finds herself caught between three leaders who think they should have sole control of the seeds. Her own plan? To share them with all of humanity.

So I’m doing my waterworld inspired novel, but I haven’t got much done yet, I’m sick for the first weekend and have very little inspiration to write. But now I have something to live up to. Winning the first day of 30 Covers, 30 Days was a shock, I didn’t even know I had until someone NaNoMailed me. Of course of the last couple of days I’d been debating changing the title, I wasn’t sure it fit and was debating just calling it Waterworld.

I’m behind now, but I’ve finished the first chapter and made some decisions, and am not making others. Do you want me to upload chapters?

Information on Anglia

Anglia is one of the odder planets in the galaxy. It is ruled by a monarchy, this is not odd. Its main export is mercenaries and weapons, again not odd. What is odd is its devotion to the old ways. From medieval Europe to early Asia they value the cultures where national civilisations were formed without complex technologies. They mimic these cultures, with fashions drifting from eastern to western, including their crafts and their fighting styles. This would seem odd at first, but in fact this has given them an edge. While the rest of the galaxy developed more advanced technology and finally mastered hand held laser weaponry the Anglians stayed firm. The rest of the galaxy also developed new electrically based shields to block these laser technologies. These technologies became prevalent in the rest of the galaxy. At which point the Anglians stepped in, their metal weapons ignored shields and disrupted them in the process. Their new alloys allowed their plate wearing knights to withstand old fashioned metal bullets, and their weapons to do more damage then any expected. However the plate armour was easily heated by lasers, burning the knights inside. A new balance in battle was made, back to the old ways of swordsmen and spear-men supported by ranged fighters. This new order was part of the Anglian legacy.

Anglia keeps a policy in all wars of never taking sides, which is odd considering that even their royal family will work as mercenaries. Officially however Anglia never favours one side over another, instead all mercenaries will take contracts as they please. Anglia is in fact a fairly densely populated planet, and many Anglians live off world. This means that at any one point in time there can be an army worth of Anglian mercenaries taking contracts. Only those who own property on Anglia must pay taxes to the monarchy.

The Anglian monarchy owns five moons, two moons orbiting their own planet and three orbiting their gas giant companion. All five are mined for their rich deposits of iron and other metals. They are protected mostly by trade and peace deals with other planets.
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Void Queen – Injustice

Visoca and her crew on the Void Queen have been around the galaxy more than once. They fought in wars which had nothing to do with them, all for a bit of profit. Sometimes they were not respected, but never had so great an injustice as this been suffered. It shakes the entire crew to its very core, throws them off into a spin of anger and sadness. It seems however that nothing can be done, no action can be taken, or so it seems at first.

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Warning this Story does contain mature content.

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Character Sheet – Annora

Name: Annora of Morrowden
Race: Human Spellcaster
Age: 153 years

Natural Orange-red, very straight pulled back into a ponytail. A bit longer than shoulder length.
Skin: Tanned, a lot of freckles, on her left arm is a silver tattoo containing the runes for a spell to call light to her palm.
Eyes: Brown, right eye has a goat pupil.
Height: 170-180cm
Weight: Curvy, a bit of meat on her but not fat.

Clothing: An ankle length brown skirt, a leaf green top with three quarter sleeves and a pair of soft leather shoes.
A monocle for her demon eye, it has trouble focussing with her human eye at short distances. Books, she’ll never go far without at least one.

Horse: Gypsy, a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse. Once owned by players she likes to show off outrageously and is very intelligent.
Caravan: Similar to the Gypsy caravans of Earth, it has a stove and a small bed; the walls are covered in spellbooks; dried herbs and preserved meats hang from the roof. Spellbooks are mostly bound in leather with wyvern leather spines, red spines are demon healing books, blue spines are human healing and gold spines are angel healing. A single smaller book with all three wyvern leathers stitched onto the cover contains spells which are not for healing.

She is firm but quiet, a very calm motherly figure. However her demon heritage does mean she has an explosive temper, she just keeps it in good check.
Not much to say, at the age of fourteen she left the apple orchard she had grown up in to join the college of spellcasters. She completed her static studies in healing at the age of 38 and began travelling. Her job was to travel across the human kingdom healing those in need and collecting spell books for the college. This experience helped her become one of the most respected healers in the kingdom.

Character Sheet – Yethzer

Name: Lord Yethzer of the Demonguard
Race: Demon
Age: 420 years (about 36 human)

Rich Blood Red, just short of his chin
Horns: Large Golden Rams Horns
Skin: Black
Tattoos: Glowing red, many names of great warriors defeated on his torso in a runic script.
Feathers: Black and Red
Eyes: Golden
Height: 230cm
Weight: Light because of hollow bones, but very muscular.

Weapon: A large and heavy mace.

Personality: Yethzer is actually quite observant and caring. He pays attention to those around him, however he will initially view most humans as being stupid, slow and not worth the effort to educate. Demonborn spellcasters will receive from him a treatment similar to what he would give a demon child. He is quick to anger, and will get very physical when angry. Growling is a major form of his communication when he is angry.
History:  He grew up in the demon lands, and like many demons he spent his time not farming training as a demon warrior, this was not unusual, the whole race is pretty much and army reserves. He worked his way up in the ranks until he became one of the demonguard, this is the elite flock which flies with the king. Since the king doesn’t get out much this makes Yethzer one of the generals in the army. When not participating in a full campaign he will often take a new (green/young) flock out scouting.

Fun Facts:
– Yethzer hates the rain and is scared of lightening. This fear is enough to make him flinch at the sound of thunder.
– He is quite fond of children and looking to settle down and have his own when the war ends.

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here