I write Fantasy, Science Fiction and some post-apocalyptic stories. I like to escape from reality, to explore new worlds and so I wish to share these worlds with you. Sometimes you may find you get only a small peek into my worlds, through a tiny crack of a short story, other times you’ll see more of a world through a large window which is a novel. Sometimes I will share my entire world construction process with you, showing you more of a world than will ever be shown in a single story, long or short.

These worlds are my passion, as are my characters. I put a lot of thought into making things believable, having everything follow an internal logic. I love when you ask questions about anything I write, it really helps me think more deeply about the logic and straighten things out in my own mind. As for my short stories, even if you don’t feel capable of giving a literary critique, simply sharing what emotions I evoked in you is important and can help me greatly in my future projects.


Everything I have written is available for you to see here, even my novel (Casting Runesongs) is available for you to read. Some may assume this is because I am not good enough to publish. But its more of a case that I don’t have a desire to publish, I just want to share my work, I just want people to enjoy it. I hope you do enjoy it.


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