Naccara – The First Druid.

The title of first druid is an odd one, common folklore gives her this title, but few can agree whether this is a statement of time or power. The story has her as being old when other Aetherian druids were young, but some argue that there will always be older. The story also proclaims her great strength, her power beyond measure, but others make this claim too and who can know who is the most powerful. This is a story of her greatest project, one for which few give her credit. Her earlier works are well known, but it is safer if few know her role in this one.

Realms floated in Aetheria, and some produced natural travellers. The spheres of water which float amongst the Aetherial clouds are one such, with the uninterrupted way into Aetheria on every side and aquatics who may swim freely in aether. Those on the realmfish are born to travel, no matter what their race they are constantly seeing Aetheria stream by, and many wonder what might be off the beaten track. And then there are those that inhabit the disks, should they fly journeying in Aetheria might come as an easy thought to them, however non-fliers may still journey, often finding out their skills in a way most dramatic. Naccara left her own realm while still young, and has little memory of its shape. Now she flies through Aetheria, it is her home and a mother to her.

“Dragon ho! Ready the harpoon!” The captain’s shout rung across the deck of a very unconventional ship, “Hold!”

The ship looked like a simple longboat, with a single sail on top and two sail wings. The wings were odd enough, but the environment it sailed in was even odder, a sea which stretched in all directions, filled with colourful clouds. The Dragon was sweeping towards them from the port side, it was a nice looking dragon with a sleek body and a long neck and tail. She had no horns, no frills and no feathers. Her scales were a plain white, but as she tipped her wing to fly around them the onlookers gasped to see the mother of pearl sheen to the semi-translucent skin of her bat-like wings and the fin on her tail. She came to a halt far in front of them and inclined her head gracefully.

“Greetings, I mean you no harm.” She said to them, “My name is Naccara.”

“A sentient dragon, I had heard rumours but you are the first I have seen.” The captain said, “Greetings Lady Naccara, I am Captain Hodver of the Winged Traveller.”

“Have you been journeying though Aetheria long?”

“Not long now, we have visited but twenty realms, and mostly make our rounds between those realms.”

“You do not seek to explore?”

“We do explore a little bit, each time we reach the home port we go off on a journey.” The captain said, “We are on one now.”

Naccara smiled at him, “Would you accept some company on your journey?”

“I would love to have a practiced traveller such as yourself show us the area.”

“I know a few places you might enjoy seeing, but first, the harpoons if you please.”

The captain stammered for a bit, “Wha- Men are you insane, get away from the Harpoon, can’t you see we’re having a nice conversation.”

“Captain, what if she’s a pirate?”

“If I were a pirate you would be dead or captured already I am afraid.” Naccara said softly, plunging the crew into a fearful silence, “But do not worry, come and join me in a feast.”

The men did not seem happy about this wording, but the captain nodded, “You have a home near here?”

“In a way, follow me to the cloud, I must leach some power from the turbulence.”

She reached the cloud (a bright pink one made of a thick dust) in moments and seemed to stop, concentrating hard on her hands and the space before her. The Ship waited quietly behind her, afraid to run after her offhand comment earlier. The men gasped when they saw the pink dust coalescing into a form, a great island of pink rock tiles and resting upon it a large hall, big enough to fit Naccara and her guests. She waved them towards a dock as she took a large pack from her pack.

“This structure will last a few hours, I am afraid I am not as good with creating food yet so I must apologise for the poor fare,” She bowed to them once more, “Will you accept my invitation?”

“I will, gladly.” The captain said with feeling to the nods of his crew.


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