Casting Runesongs

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Character Sheet – Annora

Name: Annora of Morrowden
Race: Human Spellcaster
Age: 153 years

Natural Orange-red, very straight pulled back into a ponytail. A bit longer than shoulder length.
Skin: Tanned, a lot of freckles, on her left arm is a silver tattoo containing the runes for a spell to call light to her palm.
Eyes: Brown, right eye has a goat pupil.
Height: 170-180cm
Weight: Curvy, a bit of meat on her but not fat.

Clothing: An ankle length brown skirt, a leaf green top with three quarter sleeves and a pair of soft leather shoes.
A monocle for her demon eye, it has trouble focussing with her human eye at short distances. Books, she’ll never go far without at least one.

Horse: Gypsy, a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse. Once owned by players she likes to show off outrageously and is very intelligent.
Caravan: Similar to the Gypsy caravans of Earth, it has a stove and a small bed; the walls are covered in spellbooks; dried herbs and preserved meats hang from the roof. Spellbooks are mostly bound in leather with wyvern leather spines, red spines are demon healing books, blue spines are human healing and gold spines are angel healing. A single smaller book with all three wyvern leathers stitched onto the cover contains spells which are not for healing.

She is firm but quiet, a very calm motherly figure. However her demon heritage does mean she has an explosive temper, she just keeps it in good check.
Not much to say, at the age of fourteen she left the apple orchard she had grown up in to join the college of spellcasters. She completed her static studies in healing at the age of 38 and began travelling. Her job was to travel across the human kingdom healing those in need and collecting spell books for the college. This experience helped her become one of the most respected healers in the kingdom.

Character Sheet – Yethzer

Name: Lord Yethzer of the Demonguard
Race: Demon
Age: 420 years (about 36 human)

Rich Blood Red, just short of his chin
Horns: Large Golden Rams Horns
Skin: Black
Tattoos: Glowing red, many names of great warriors defeated on his torso in a runic script.
Feathers: Black and Red
Eyes: Golden
Height: 230cm
Weight: Light because of hollow bones, but very muscular.

Weapon: A large and heavy mace.

Personality: Yethzer is actually quite observant and caring. He pays attention to those around him, however he will initially view most humans as being stupid, slow and not worth the effort to educate. Demonborn spellcasters will receive from him a treatment similar to what he would give a demon child. He is quick to anger, and will get very physical when angry. Growling is a major form of his communication when he is angry.
History:  He grew up in the demon lands, and like many demons he spent his time not farming training as a demon warrior, this was not unusual, the whole race is pretty much and army reserves. He worked his way up in the ranks until he became one of the demonguard, this is the elite flock which flies with the king. Since the king doesn’t get out much this makes Yethzer one of the generals in the army. When not participating in a full campaign he will often take a new (green/young) flock out scouting.

Fun Facts:
– Yethzer hates the rain and is scared of lightening. This fear is enough to make him flinch at the sound of thunder.
– He is quite fond of children and looking to settle down and have his own when the war ends.

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here

Character Profile – Siarus of Tirrin

Name: Earl Siarus of Tirrin
Race: Angel
Age: 250 years (about 27 human)

Hair & Claws:
Bronze, waist length hair held back in a loose ponytail.
Skin: Silver
Eyes: Steel grey
Height: 190cm
Weight: Light, but wearing armour.

Clothing: A teal doublet and leggings, lined with white feathers. A bronze plated breastplate, steel under the bronze. A long ankle length royal purple coat lined with feathers, worn open with a few buttons to close it at high altitude.
Weapon: The claw of a wyvern about 60cm in length attached to a hilt with red leather, no cross-guard or pommel, it is poisonous. A bronze folk harp strapped to his back, about 50cm tall.

Personality: Very arrogant, more used to dealing with peasants than humans and thus sees humans as equal to the peasants, if not lower because of their race. Hates demons, but is unused to dealing with them in any way but battle, thus will goad them into a fight at almost any opportunity if not instructed otherwise, and sometimes even if.
History: At the age of 133 Siarus began his training as a warrior, at 166 he went on his first mission. Since then he has been fighting over human lands at least once a year and has run many scouting missions. He has not in this time earned himself any extra titles or positions of command. He is married and has a family looking after his estate.

Fun Facts:
– Due to how bad his sight is Siarus is actually slightly scared of extreme dark (eg. caves, dungeons) but is fine with normal night time.

Race Profile – Human

Species: Human
Life Expectancy: 70-80 years / Spellcaster – 160-800 years


Like humans in this world, except for spellcasters.

Spellcaster: Spellcasters are of demon or angel decent, thus they will have some features unique to either race. Demon Eyes, stunted wings, third eyes, birthmarks etc.


Form: Human magic comes from their demon or angel heritage, but they access the power by reading spells from artefacts or spellbooks. Part of the power for the spell is supplied by the spellbook but the other half is supplied by the spellcaster.

Spell Books:
Humans with demon heritage can give magic that might otherwise go untapped to their spellbooks as they write them.

Strength: Those with angel heritage lend a bit more power to their spoken spells but they are still weak compared to the other races. They compensate for this by being very specific, finding the lever with which to apply their magic rather than using brute force. This has some advantages, (eg. through treating symptoms they were able to create a spell to cure wyvern poison, but demons thought it incurable)

The Kingdom

Government: A kingdom which appears to not encompass the entire human lands and a number of outlying lords who swear loyalty to know king. In truth these outlying lords are secret vassals to the king. They cannot make this known at the risk of seeming a danger to the other two kingdoms. The Human kingdom is strictly neutral in the angel demon war.

Plains and forests, blue sky. They have a red dawn and a golden sunset due to the other kingdoms odd coloured skies.

Cities and Towns: Even the smallest of towns has at least two inns, one for demons and one for angels. Larger cities even have districts, angels aren’t allowed in the east and demons not in the west. Towns will often also have a third, human inn, this one is not advertised as human only, but have names neither warrior race would want to stay at (eg Grungy Puppy).

Miscellaneous Facts

– Human spellcasters share some racial hatred, even for each other, based on the race they are descended from, eg. angelborn and demonborn spellcasters don’t get along. As such they are ruled by spellcasters who are descended from both races.

Race Profile – Angels

DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy race from my own mind and not intended to subvert any religious depictions of angels. This is used as they are the enemy of the demons and not because of how they look. They are not inherently good and differences are made clear instantly.


Species: Angel
Life Expectancy: 800-1000 years


Eyes: Three, Cat-slit pupils metallic colours. Third eye sits in the centre of the forehead.

Skin: Metallic sheen ranging from bronze-platinum, no facial hair.

Hair: Set length, length indicates magical strength, will grow back overnight if cut. Coloured black, white and the metallic colours. Can come in Ruby red, Sapphire blue or Emerald green, but this is extremely rare.

Mouth: Bright red inside.

Fingers: Claws the colour of hair, curved, dog-like.

Height: Ranging from 170-210cm.

Weight: Quite thin and delicate, all quite androgynous looking.


Form: Angels perform magic using tonal arrangements, an arrangement is called a song and they sing magic. The most simple song is a single note sung continuously to allow flight.

Practical: Angels will sing in large choirs, of at least ten members, in order to achieve the necessary complexity for powerful songs. Two apprentice singers will perform the task of keeping the choir in the air, timing the breaths so that the choir has minimal turbulence.

Strength: Angels are quite strong in magic naturally, but their hair length denotes exact strength. Hair needs to be at least shoulder length in order to fly, and between shoulder and waist denotes some grasp of simple songs. Longer than waist length will usually denote an angel considered powerful in magic. (Human magic is shoulder length at most, almost all demons are past hip length, but cannot combine their magics.)

Accessories: Choir fliers (and some other members) will carry large harps to tune the choir and aid in spells. All other angels will carry small folk harps to add extra complexity for simpler songs.

The Kingdom

Government: Feudal, one king rules many warrior vassals which each have land and peasants under them. Peasants are almost a different breed, as all have short hair, while the nobility all have long hair.

Geography: Mountainous, mostly high valleys. Golden coloured skies from millennia of magic leakage.

Clothing: Nobility will where multiple layers as angels were not originally evolved for high altitude flight. The bottom layer consists of a doublet and leggings lined with white fur or feathers. Over this, if going into battle, they will wear armour, usually a breastplate, maybe some greaves and or wrist guards. Over this all they would wear an ankle length coat lined heavily with white fur and feathers. These will be in either two or three different colours, often combinations will show which family the angel comes from.

Miscellaneous Facts

– Angels have very good hearing.
– Angels are almost completely night blind.
– Angels are often prideful and see themselves as higher than those around them.
– Angels are only slightly harder to knock out then humans, but less likely to suffer brain damage.

Race Profile – Demons

DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy race from my own mind and not intended to subvert any religious depictions of demons. They are not inherently evil and have no connection to sins. They are named Demons because of how they look and so as not to confuse readers with a new term, their differences are made obvious relatively early in the novel.


Species: Demon
Life Expectancy: 800-1000 years


Eyes: Goat pupils, vivid colours.

Skin: Bright colours (black, white, red, lavender, green etc) they have patches of fur or feathers at the wing joints, groin and ankles.

Similar bright colours, but may also be grey and other paler colours.

Tattoos: Mildly luminescent, same colour as the individuals magic, and in similar runic script. Some depict the names of their fallen foes and some are enhancement spells.

Wings: Either feathered or a bat-like membrane.

Feet: Will resemble the feet of an animal, usually talons if the demon has feathered wings and more often paws if they have bat wings, hooves are rare.

Horns: Can come in almost any form, from the temples.

Height: Ranging from 200-240cm.

Weight: Quite light for their size do to hollow(but very strong) bones, but usually quite muscular.


Form: Demons draw/write glowing runes to use magic. The Runes glow in the air after being traced until directed by the demon
to do their stuff. This allows the demon to build up more complex spells by being more specific with the runes.

Enchantments: By engraving runes onto an object a demon can permanently donate part or all of its power to an object, as long as the object lasts the enchantment will also.

Strength: Demons are all quite strong in magic, they usually show an affinity to one kind of magic, but are more than capable of learning other kinds.

The Kingdom

Government: A system similar to the Vikings, almost tribal and self-governing, yet affairs outside the kingdom are ruled over by a king who is closer to being the supreme commander of their army.

Geography: Deserts and heavily forested volcanoes, the ground in many places has a thin layer of sulphur over it making the ground bright yellow. The sky is red from magical leakage.

Clothing: None, Demons were built for the air and are thus very resistant to the cold. Fur or feathers protects the only sensitive parts in the groin. Demon ladies go bare breasted.

Miscellaneous Facts

– Demons have very good night vision.
– Demons are carnivores and eat mainly large game, their favourite is wyvern.
– Demons are short-tempered and have a tendency to react in animalistic ways (growl, purr, roar)
– All demons have a great dislike, even fear, of thunderstorms.
– Feathered demons also hold a great hatred for rain.
– When it is raining demons are calmer because they equate fighting with flying, and none like to fly in the rain.