The Void Queen – A Ship Profile


Appearance: While not exactly streamlined the Void Queen does have a smooth, shapely appearance which is similar to that of sword, she is only one deck thick which adds to this blade-like image, she has a slightly peaked ridge along her centre. Main airlocks are on the edges of the widest part of the ship’s blade while smaller airlocks are arrayed all along the edge.

Armament: Along the central ridge four railgun turrets (two on each side) which can shoot anything from scrap metal to ballistic torpedos and even nuclear devices. They are operated by human gunners.Two extensive armouries are located by each major airlock, containing a mix of melee and ranges weapons.

Propulsion: As well as the main engine bank at the rear of the ship which holds both regular engines and FTL drives there are many small but powerful manoeuvring thrusters on the edges and central ridge.

Internal layout: Listed from point to engines.

  • Bridge: The bridge is a small room at the front of the ship which is very triangular, it seats six people at a time, usually, helmsmen, captain, first mate, navigator and defence coordinator.
  • Officers and guest quarters: Houses rooms for the captain, first mate, navigator, three helmsmen and the defence coordinator as well as three guest rooms. Also contains the navigation room, which holds ships logs and maps (the navigation room is on of the closest to the bridge, the other is the captains room).
  • Training and recreation: Includes a few mess halls, various training areas and games rooms, extends to just before the airlocks.
  • Airlocks, Armoury and Staging area: Between the airlocks and their respective armouries is a long hall, as wide as the armouries and airlocks combined. Many doors open on to it from the training and recreation area and the barracks. It also contains the ladders which provide access to the central ridge and its guns and propulsion units. This is where the crew may gather before a big fight.
  • Barracks: Individual rooms for up to 80 crew aligned in four rows with two hall ways. Each room is small, a single bunk, a small wardrobe and a small bathing area.
  • Cargo hold: Stretches along the narrowest part of the ship, contains many hidden storage areas as well as the obvious ones.
  • Engineering: Where the main engines and the FTL drives are maintained as well as their massive fuel supplies. Also contains the gravity generator for the ship.



Roughly 50 members.

Bridge: Visoca, Tamra, 2 dedicated helmsmen and one helmsmen who performs other duties, the Navigator and defence coordinator. Only the helm is manned at all times.

0g Specialists: 12 including Visoca and Tamra. They are made up almost equally of melee experts and ranged experts.

Boarding Party: (not including 0g) Another 20 or so girls are regularly part of the boarding parties, divided into almost equal teams of melee and ranged.

Gunners: Operate the rail guns during an attack there are 6, maintained by the defence coordinator during an attack.

Engineers: 2 fully qualified engineers and 3 assistants. They maintain the ships propulsion systems and other tech.

Other: 2 medics run a sick bay in the recreation area and 1 girl performs odd jobs for anyone who asks.



The Void Queen was originally known as the Crimson Blade. She was commissioned by and built for one of the richest pirates of the times. He had it modelled after his favourite sword and it was the terror of the void for almost 3 full years. Visoca then upgraded to a ship she thought good enough to take it on, a small nimble thing which held only 30 crew and went after the bounty.

The Void Queen was hard won, Visoca lost 9 women in its taking. She refused the bounty when she saw the quality of the ship, instead deciding to keep it herself. She renamed it The Void Queen and had it repainted.


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