Information on Anglia

Anglia is one of the odder planets in the galaxy. It is ruled by a monarchy, this is not odd. Its main export is mercenaries and weapons, again not odd. What is odd is its devotion to the old ways. From medieval Europe to early Asia they value the cultures where national civilisations were formed without complex technologies. They mimic these cultures, with fashions drifting from eastern to western, including their crafts and their fighting styles. This would seem odd at first, but in fact this has given them an edge. While the rest of the galaxy developed more advanced technology and finally mastered hand held laser weaponry the Anglians stayed firm. The rest of the galaxy also developed new electrically based shields to block these laser technologies. These technologies became prevalent in the rest of the galaxy. At which point the Anglians stepped in, their metal weapons ignored shields and disrupted them in the process. Their new alloys allowed their plate wearing knights to withstand old fashioned metal bullets, and their weapons to do more damage then any expected. However the plate armour was easily heated by lasers, burning the knights inside. A new balance in battle was made, back to the old ways of swordsmen and spear-men supported by ranged fighters. This new order was part of the Anglian legacy.

Anglia keeps a policy in all wars of never taking sides, which is odd considering that even their royal family will work as mercenaries. Officially however Anglia never favours one side over another, instead all mercenaries will take contracts as they please. Anglia is in fact a fairly densely populated planet, and many Anglians live off world. This means that at any one point in time there can be an army worth of Anglian mercenaries taking contracts. Only those who own property on Anglia must pay taxes to the monarchy.

The Anglian monarchy owns five moons, two moons orbiting their own planet and three orbiting their gas giant companion. All five are mined for their rich deposits of iron and other metals. They are protected mostly by trade and peace deals with other planets.

A Trial by Combat can be used to bring to the attention of the sovereign an issue which might otherwise go unappealed. Examples include violations occurring on other planets, or which were dismissed by lesser nobles. Trials by combat may only occur during tournaments and other displays of skill. Sometimes existing challenges (eg. Title by Combat matches) can be additionally turned into a trial by combat at the request of a competitor if they are worried their opponent will not accept a duel. Trial by Combat results can be appealed by the loser, but should he be found to be at fault the consequences will be more severe. If the loser does not appeal they are merely stripped of title, lands, weapons and exiled from the planet. Death may occur in a Trial by Combat but it is not the goal, the goal is usually first blood or dis-armourment. Contestants have their weapons and gear prepared by members of the royal family or high nobility if the trial takes place at one of their tournaments.

Nobles and Land are divided as per the Feudal method. Each rank answers to a member the one above, though in some cases they may skip a rank. There are not enough noble families for land holding, these unoccupied lands are ruled by the king’s representatives, and it is up to him who may take that land. Those of higher ranks will usually have a city or region centre controlled solely by them while the surrounding towns/farms are ruled by their vassals.
Baronet – landowner, but not technically a member of the nobility. Ranks above knights but beneath Barons. They may hold land under a Viscount or an earl, their land is on par with a barony, but their individual rights differ.
Baron – Lowest member of the nobility. Rules land of roughly the same population as a Baronet. Answers to a viscount, earl or Marquis.
Viscount – Above the baron, may own land which contains 3-6 baronies. Answers to an earl, Marquis or Duke.
Earl – Middle ranked, usually owning a land containing 30-40 baronies, many will be ruled in turn by a Viscount but some may answer directly to the Earl.
Marquis – Second highest rank, owns land containing up to 120 baronies arranged beneath Earls and Viscounts. Most answer to a Duke and but some to the king only.
Duke – There are seven continents, six of which are Ducal holdings and one which is the royal continent. The number of vassals a Duke has will depend on which continent he (or she) rules. Currently there are only 4 Ducal families. Dukes are considered the Generals/Admirals of the King’s armies, but due to the title being hereditary they are not always good at it.

Technology is not as frowned upon as many might believe. Traditional methods and social structure are valued, including hand crafting and traditional weaponry. However in a planet sized kingdom some technology must be adopted. Thus when travelling long distance shuttles are often used (A plane which uses antigrav to fly basically), though many prefer horses for shorter trips. Administration is done using computers as well, allowing the kingdom to run smoothly. Space travel is also embraced, since mercenary work is the kingdom’s main export, most nobles and some knights have some sort of vehicle to travel FTL. However Marquis’ and Dukes are usually the only ones to have a ship large enough for a full company (50 armed warriors). Earls and higher will usually have a space port in their regional centre.


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