Void Queen – Injustice

Visoca and her crew on the Void Queen have been around the galaxy more than once. They fought in wars which had nothing to do with them, all for a bit of profit. Sometimes they were not respected, but never had so great an injustice as this been suffered. It shakes the entire crew to its very core, throws them off into a spin of anger and sadness. It seems however that nothing can be done, no action can be taken, or so it seems at first.

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Warning this Story does contain mature content.

This ten chapter novella is in fact the first part of the Void Queen. It is a relatively self contained plot arc (though important to the set up of the next part of the story) which can be easily read on its own. This particular part of the novel has actually been rewritten, something I have never had the patience to do before and trust me it has been of great benefit. I really hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the lives of Visoca and her girls.The rest of the novel is still on its way, but contains less mature content then these, as it explores different themes. Though the 11th chapter does assume knowledge of some of what had happened previously I do not think it impossible to pick it up from that point (when I start posting) if you so desire.The entire story is set in a Science-Fantasy universe where science and magic often exist side by side. Their very modes of transportation rely on a combination of pure technology and on technomancy, the magic of technology. Health professionals may be trained doctors in the traditional sense or rarer “healers” skilled in the use of magical healing. And more. In this unique universe much is possible, but there are strict laws governing how the magic works that are just as powerful as the laws of physics on science, only quite different. Its been a fun world to explore and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing it too.


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