Aquatics are sentient beings which exist only in water. They include mermaids, octmen and sea serpents. Water magic is very highly valued by all of these breeds.



  • Appearance: Humanoid torso, arms and head with sealife additions.
  • Diet: Will depend on their additions (eg sharks are carnivores, manatees herbivores)
  • Civilisations: If living on coral reefs they will usually begin building cities.
  • Mermaids are very diverse groups, and are often suspected as being unidentified cross-breeds of humanity and other sealife (perhaps even non-sentient life).



  • Appearance: They are essentially octopi who use their nimble front tentacles to manipulate their environment
    • Some rare varieties are like Jellyfish
    • Even rarer are the squids
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Civilisation: They create great cities under the coral reefs they use as farms and hunting reserves
    • Jellyfish create floating cities
    • Squids live in the darker regions of the oceans.

Sea Serpents

  • Appearance: Thin serpent-like bodies with nimble flippers they can use like hands and a fanned tail. They have catfish-like whiskers and are scaled. They survive in water as whales would.
  • Diet: Omnivourous
  • Civilisation: They live in underwater, air filled caverns. They value learning greatly and keep large libraries.
  • Magic: All sea serpents have an affinity with water magic of a mage nature. Some rare breeds also have superb control over air which can allow them to fly as well as they swim.



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