Humans (Aetheria)

If it walks on two feet, has two hands, mostly fur-less skin and possesses sentience it is counted as a human. The diplomats at Corazon are still trying to decide on whether there should be further identifiers. A radical branch of architects (calling themselves the true humans) are trying to implement height restrictions but breeds such as the dwarves, fae and giants are fighting the motion.

Here are some of the current identified breeds of humans:


  • Height: between 5 foot and 6 foot 5 inches tall.
  • Civilisation: City based surrounded by specialised agricultural land. Tend to develop an advanced barter system or a currency.
  • Tends to prefer mages of any sort over druids for their versatility and power.


  • Height: Between 4 foot and 5 foot 5 inches tall.
  • Civilisation: values nature, their hunter gatherer lifestyle in forest favouring their shorter height. They like to leave as little impact on their surroundings as possible.
  • Tend to have improved smell, hear and/or eyesight to help in their forest lifestyle.
  • Values druids (mostly) and mages with power over growing/life/fertility.


  • Height: Between 3 foot and 4 foot 5 inches tall
  • Tend to be incredibly strong for their size.
  • Like architects have a  city and agriculture set up but maintains this underground.
  • Due to their underground habitat they find metals early in their civilisation and become very skilled with its manipulation.
  • The agriculture of dwarves will be at least partly underground.
  • Dwarves have an excellent sense of direction and sensitive eyes.
  • The like druids which specialise in the earth and mages that specialise in fire or metalurgy.


  • Height: over 7 foot.
  • These are defined mostly by their size.
  • They live on open plains and might develop architect-like cultures.
  • They live mostly off of herds of large animals which they may begin to farm.
  • They have preferences to magic defined more by their environment or civilisation then by breed.


  • Height: under 1 foot tall
  • These are also defined mostly by their size.
  • They live in thick sheltered forests, and may either stay gatherers or build tiny cities in the roots or branches of trees.
  • They live off of berries, small rodents and nuts, all of which they may farm.
  • They prefer druids of land and air.


If you have any other human breeds you’d like considered in this universe please share. By the way the Aetherverse is open for anyone to write in as long as you link back to my world-building page.


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