Aetherian Time

While inhabitants of Aetheria will perceive time passing in a consistent manner it is anything but. In fact Aetherian time is unlike the time in any realm and is possibly only a construct of sentient minds. For one thing the aging process does not occur within Aetheria, and neither do cause and effect relationships always follow neatly within the sentient concept of time.

However while in Aetheria time does still pass in the realms at about double the rate experienced in Aetheria. Realms have different time speeds though, anywhere between 1.5x and 5x Aetherian time, for example for 1 year in Aetheria 1.5-5 years are spent in realm.

Time pockets within the Aetheria can exist, running at anything between 0.5x and 20x Aetherian average. However no matter what the time sentients will experience no difference until they compare their concept of time with others who have avoided such time pockets. Such time pockets (when travelling through pockets with larger values than the Aetherian Average) allow you to cross Aetheria in a time which, though it seems the same to you, is seen by others as being remarkably short for that distance. As such time pockets are sought out by some travellers.


This hurts my head too, ask any questions you have to help me out.


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