Though the term ‘mage’ may be used to mean ‘magic user’ and thus include druids, it has become general practice to use this term mainly to describe those who have the ability to use raw Aether even within the realms.

Mages use Aether from internal stores which fill slowly. There are some theories that they fill through a small dimensional ‘straw’ joining them to Aetheria. Their capacity is determined by experience, knowledge and hereditary factors. They use their magic to do anything (potentially) but due to the inherent dangers implied in this they will often focus their studies on certain methods.

Categories of Aether control are of course arbitrary, so each realm almost certainly has a different set. Sometimes even multiple different sets in the one realm. These categories include:

  • Elemental (usually in sets of 4-5)
  • Necromancy
  • Floral magic
  • Mind manipulation (beastial and sentient)
  • Size
  • Many more (suggest some categories if you want)

These mages are mentally limited to these categories, sometimes so much so that it is a stretch for the mages (once trained) to do any other ‘type’ of magic.

In Aetheria mages are no more powerful than within realms as they still only use their internally stored Aether. This internal store does not refill any faster when within the Aether. However their highly trained minds may be more likely to effect the landscape of Aetheria in the way they wish than non-mages.


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