Magic users who draw their Aether from the realm they reside in are known mostly as druids.

As their magic comes from their realm its limitations are dictated primarily by the realm and secondarily by the limits of the individual. Individual limitations generally involve intelligence and experience.

Generally druids find the magic of the realm and activate it where it is situated, directing the exact shape that activation will take. The location of the Aether in the environment provides the basic shape of the activation. For example: if deep within the earth it might tend towards volcanoes or earthquakes, in a forest it is for growing and in the air it manipulates the weather. Druids will usually focus on developing their proficiencies in one of these area types as the outcomes can be hard to control if knowledge is lacking.

When in a realm other than their own druids rarely have the ability to influence that realm’s Aether. It has a different flavour, a different way of working. Thus once they have left their realm Druids are rarely tempted to explore or settle in other realms.

Though considered weaker in realms within Aetheria Druids have the potential to be the most powerful of magic users. However the Aetherian environment is more chaotic and there is a much greater risk of novice druids losing control and killing themselves. Once a Druid has mastered the Aetherian environment they cannot return to controlling their own realm.

This duology, this aspect of being both the weakest and strongest of magic users has led to much philosophical debate as to the nature of creation and of the realms. None of the theories have been proved yet though.


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