Information on the Aetheria Page

I realised when I decided to set up the Aetheria Page I put in some information which might not be seen in posts in addition to the information from the previous posts. Since some of you will only be watching the reader view I thought I would post up just one more thing today with the rest of the information currently shared. There will be more of this in future, these are just the summaries of topic areas, expect more detail in future posts.


Sorry so much for all these days with multiple uploads, I’m sure most of you aren’t bothering to read all this. I’ll try to stick to one a day from now on.



Aether (Magic)

Aether is the medium of the universe, it is everything and nothing. A small influence is more than enough to tip it from being nothing into being something, anything.

Aether is raw magic, which can be tapped into in numerous different ways, even within the realms. Within the realms Aether is limited, not only in quantity but also in the ways it can be manipulated and the ease with which it can be manipulated. The stability fields a realm must exert simply to maintain their existence inherently limit the things which Aether can become within its effect. However there are ways to bring limited quantities of raw, untamed Aether into the realms.




Aetheria is the realm which is not a realm, a place which is not a place, has its own time which is unlike time. Aetheria is what the realms are cradled within and what destroys them.

Aetheria is a sea of pure magic within which the realms float somewhat like bubbles hanging in the air. Between the realms lies nothing but danger, the aether is shaped by numerous influences, including but not limited to:

  • the minds of sentient beings
  • the work of aether users in and out of realms
  • the nature of the realms themselves
  • the nature of inhabitants of Aetheria
  • and more.

However this influence does not always happen anywhere or anywhen near the cause. Thus predicting changes in Aetheria is almost impossible.

Due to all this Aetheria is a shifting, unstable and dangerous place to travel through. Yet it is not devoid of life, both sentient and bestial beings call it their home. But their are some rather unique aspects to life in Aetheria.





Pronounced CORE-a-zon by humans.
Time: 1x Aetherian average

The city is built from solid polished opal which joins seamlessly with perfect glass. It rests on a round disk of opal surmounted by a gently curing upturned bowl of glass. The glass dome is pierced by tall opal and glass ‘skyscrapers’ which twist up and out of the dome into the aether. These tall buildings (10-15 storeys) are connected higher by enclosed walkways. At the feet of the buildings, under the glass dome, resides the great markets where people from around Aetheria meet to trade knowledge and goods. From the edge of the disc, jutting out like the rays of a sun, protrude the many docks which provide temporary berth for the Aetherian transport ships. It is a beautiful city, and its magesty matches its importance.

Corazon is the capital city of Aetheria, its only city as far as most people know. Many people are surprised by its relatively stable (in a magical sense) existence. Such stability should be almost impossible for a structure residing directly within the raw aether.

Corazon is a centre of trade, tourism and diplomacy. What happens in the high towers of Corazon has wide reaching effects from all sentient beings. Corazon is also called home by many different species and offers temporary accommodation which could support millions.


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