Aether is the creator and the destroyer, it is order and ultimate chaos. It is Life. The Aether can be anything, it is anything. There are no rules to govern its ebb and flow. Yet somehow the realms were formed floating within it; pockets of stability sustained by the very source of the roiling chaos which threatens to tear them apart. There are many different ways to be stable, and many different levels of stability. No two realms are exactly the same.

The Aetherverse is the collective term for these realms and the place between the realms, Aetheria. There is much to learn about all of this, and here you can explore my knowledge.I’m going to have to work hard on interconnecting everything so you can easily navigate between all these pages, and trust me there is a lot of them. I may end up turning the Aetheria page into a static page to aid your navigation in the future. None of the planning you will see is meant to be read in a specific order so I may post in a confusing order. I hope you enjoy reading about this world.


EDIT: Check out the Aetheria page from the menu to see roughly what you are going to get.


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