Race Profile – Human

Species: Human
Life Expectancy: 70-80 years / Spellcaster – 160-800 years


Like humans in this world, except for spellcasters.

Spellcaster: Spellcasters are of demon or angel decent, thus they will have some features unique to either race. Demon Eyes, stunted wings, third eyes, birthmarks etc.


Form: Human magic comes from their demon or angel heritage, but they access the power by reading spells from artefacts or spellbooks. Part of the power for the spell is supplied by the spellbook but the other half is supplied by the spellcaster.

Spell Books:
Humans with demon heritage can give magic that might otherwise go untapped to their spellbooks as they write them.

Strength: Those with angel heritage lend a bit more power to their spoken spells but they are still weak compared to the other races. They compensate for this by being very specific, finding the lever with which to apply their magic rather than using brute force. This has some advantages, (eg. through treating symptoms they were able to create a spell to cure wyvern poison, but demons thought it incurable)

The Kingdom

Government: A kingdom which appears to not encompass the entire human lands and a number of outlying lords who swear loyalty to know king. In truth these outlying lords are secret vassals to the king. They cannot make this known at the risk of seeming a danger to the other two kingdoms. The Human kingdom is strictly neutral in the angel demon war.

Plains and forests, blue sky. They have a red dawn and a golden sunset due to the other kingdoms odd coloured skies.

Cities and Towns: Even the smallest of towns has at least two inns, one for demons and one for angels. Larger cities even have districts, angels aren’t allowed in the east and demons not in the west. Towns will often also have a third, human inn, this one is not advertised as human only, but have names neither warrior race would want to stay at (eg Grungy Puppy).

Miscellaneous Facts

– Human spellcasters share some racial hatred, even for each other, based on the race they are descended from, eg. angelborn and demonborn spellcasters don’t get along. As such they are ruled by spellcasters who are descended from both races.


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