Race Profile – Angels

DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy race from my own mind and not intended to subvert any religious depictions of angels. This is used as they are the enemy of the demons and not because of how they look. They are not inherently good and differences are made clear instantly.


Species: Angel
Life Expectancy: 800-1000 years


Eyes: Three, Cat-slit pupils metallic colours. Third eye sits in the centre of the forehead.

Skin: Metallic sheen ranging from bronze-platinum, no facial hair.

Hair: Set length, length indicates magical strength, will grow back overnight if cut. Coloured black, white and the metallic colours. Can come in Ruby red, Sapphire blue or Emerald green, but this is extremely rare.

Mouth: Bright red inside.

Fingers: Claws the colour of hair, curved, dog-like.

Height: Ranging from 170-210cm.

Weight: Quite thin and delicate, all quite androgynous looking.


Form: Angels perform magic using tonal arrangements, an arrangement is called a song and they sing magic. The most simple song is a single note sung continuously to allow flight.

Practical: Angels will sing in large choirs, of at least ten members, in order to achieve the necessary complexity for powerful songs. Two apprentice singers will perform the task of keeping the choir in the air, timing the breaths so that the choir has minimal turbulence.

Strength: Angels are quite strong in magic naturally, but their hair length denotes exact strength. Hair needs to be at least shoulder length in order to fly, and between shoulder and waist denotes some grasp of simple songs. Longer than waist length will usually denote an angel considered powerful in magic. (Human magic is shoulder length at most, almost all demons are past hip length, but cannot combine their magics.)

Accessories: Choir fliers (and some other members) will carry large harps to tune the choir and aid in spells. All other angels will carry small folk harps to add extra complexity for simpler songs.

The Kingdom

Government: Feudal, one king rules many warrior vassals which each have land and peasants under them. Peasants are almost a different breed, as all have short hair, while the nobility all have long hair.

Geography: Mountainous, mostly high valleys. Golden coloured skies from millennia of magic leakage.

Clothing: Nobility will where multiple layers as angels were not originally evolved for high altitude flight. The bottom layer consists of a doublet and leggings lined with white fur or feathers. Over this, if going into battle, they will wear armour, usually a breastplate, maybe some greaves and or wrist guards. Over this all they would wear an ankle length coat lined heavily with white fur and feathers. These will be in either two or three different colours, often combinations will show which family the angel comes from.

Miscellaneous Facts

– Angels have very good hearing.
– Angels are almost completely night blind.
– Angels are often prideful and see themselves as higher than those around them.
– Angels are only slightly harder to knock out then humans, but less likely to suffer brain damage.


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