Character Sheet – Yethzer

Name: Lord Yethzer of the Demonguard
Race: Demon
Age: 420 years (about 36 human)

Rich Blood Red, just short of his chin
Horns: Large Golden Rams Horns
Skin: Black
Tattoos: Glowing red, many names of great warriors defeated on his torso in a runic script.
Feathers: Black and Red
Eyes: Golden
Height: 230cm
Weight: Light because of hollow bones, but very muscular.

Weapon: A large and heavy mace.

Personality: Yethzer is actually quite observant and caring. He pays attention to those around him, however he will initially view most humans as being stupid, slow and not worth the effort to educate. Demonborn spellcasters will receive from him a treatment similar to what he would give a demon child. He is quick to anger, and will get very physical when angry. Growling is a major form of his communication when he is angry.
History:  He grew up in the demon lands, and like many demons he spent his time not farming training as a demon warrior, this was not unusual, the whole race is pretty much and army reserves. He worked his way up in the ranks until he became one of the demonguard, this is the elite flock which flies with the king. Since the king doesn’t get out much this makes Yethzer one of the generals in the army. When not participating in a full campaign he will often take a new (green/young) flock out scouting.

Fun Facts:
– Yethzer hates the rain and is scared of lightening. This fear is enough to make him flinch at the sound of thunder.
– He is quite fond of children and looking to settle down and have his own when the war ends.

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here

Created by a fellow NaNoWriMo writer. Find it here


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