Character Sheet – Annora

Name: Annora of Morrowden
Race: Human Spellcaster
Age: 153 years

Natural Orange-red, very straight pulled back into a ponytail. A bit longer than shoulder length.
Skin: Tanned, a lot of freckles, on her left arm is a silver tattoo containing the runes for a spell to call light to her palm.
Eyes: Brown, right eye has a goat pupil.
Height: 170-180cm
Weight: Curvy, a bit of meat on her but not fat.

Clothing: An ankle length brown skirt, a leaf green top with three quarter sleeves and a pair of soft leather shoes.
A monocle for her demon eye, it has trouble focussing with her human eye at short distances. Books, she’ll never go far without at least one.

Horse: Gypsy, a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse. Once owned by players she likes to show off outrageously and is very intelligent.
Caravan: Similar to the Gypsy caravans of Earth, it has a stove and a small bed; the walls are covered in spellbooks; dried herbs and preserved meats hang from the roof. Spellbooks are mostly bound in leather with wyvern leather spines, red spines are demon healing books, blue spines are human healing and gold spines are angel healing. A single smaller book with all three wyvern leathers stitched onto the cover contains spells which are not for healing.

She is firm but quiet, a very calm motherly figure. However her demon heritage does mean she has an explosive temper, she just keeps it in good check.
Not much to say, at the age of fourteen she left the apple orchard she had grown up in to join the college of spellcasters. She completed her static studies in healing at the age of 38 and began travelling. Her job was to travel across the human kingdom healing those in need and collecting spell books for the college. This experience helped her become one of the most respected healers in the kingdom.


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