Character Profile – Siarus of Tirrin

Name: Earl Siarus of Tirrin
Race: Angel
Age: 250 years (about 27 human)

Hair & Claws:
Bronze, waist length hair held back in a loose ponytail.
Skin: Silver
Eyes: Steel grey
Height: 190cm
Weight: Light, but wearing armour.

Clothing: A teal doublet and leggings, lined with white feathers. A bronze plated breastplate, steel under the bronze. A long ankle length royal purple coat lined with feathers, worn open with a few buttons to close it at high altitude.
Weapon: The claw of a wyvern about 60cm in length attached to a hilt with red leather, no cross-guard or pommel, it is poisonous. A bronze folk harp strapped to his back, about 50cm tall.

Personality: Very arrogant, more used to dealing with peasants than humans and thus sees humans as equal to the peasants, if not lower because of their race. Hates demons, but is unused to dealing with them in any way but battle, thus will goad them into a fight at almost any opportunity if not instructed otherwise, and sometimes even if.
History: At the age of 133 Siarus began his training as a warrior, at 166 he went on his first mission. Since then he has been fighting over human lands at least once a year and has run many scouting missions. He has not in this time earned himself any extra titles or positions of command. He is married and has a family looking after his estate.

Fun Facts:
– Due to how bad his sight is Siarus is actually slightly scared of extreme dark (eg. caves, dungeons) but is fine with normal night time.


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