Race Profile – Demons

DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy race from my own mind and not intended to subvert any religious depictions of demons. They are not inherently evil and have no connection to sins. They are named Demons because of how they look and so as not to confuse readers with a new term, their differences are made obvious relatively early in the novel.


Species: Demon
Life Expectancy: 800-1000 years


Eyes: Goat pupils, vivid colours.

Skin: Bright colours (black, white, red, lavender, green etc) they have patches of fur or feathers at the wing joints, groin and ankles.

Similar bright colours, but may also be grey and other paler colours.

Tattoos: Mildly luminescent, same colour as the individuals magic, and in similar runic script. Some depict the names of their fallen foes and some are enhancement spells.

Wings: Either feathered or a bat-like membrane.

Feet: Will resemble the feet of an animal, usually talons if the demon has feathered wings and more often paws if they have bat wings, hooves are rare.

Horns: Can come in almost any form, from the temples.

Height: Ranging from 200-240cm.

Weight: Quite light for their size do to hollow(but very strong) bones, but usually quite muscular.


Form: Demons draw/write glowing runes to use magic. The Runes glow in the air after being traced until directed by the demon
to do their stuff. This allows the demon to build up more complex spells by being more specific with the runes.

Enchantments: By engraving runes onto an object a demon can permanently donate part or all of its power to an object, as long as the object lasts the enchantment will also.

Strength: Demons are all quite strong in magic, they usually show an affinity to one kind of magic, but are more than capable of learning other kinds.

The Kingdom

Government: A system similar to the Vikings, almost tribal and self-governing, yet affairs outside the kingdom are ruled over by a king who is closer to being the supreme commander of their army.

Geography: Deserts and heavily forested volcanoes, the ground in many places has a thin layer of sulphur over it making the ground bright yellow. The sky is red from magical leakage.

Clothing: None, Demons were built for the air and are thus very resistant to the cold. Fur or feathers protects the only sensitive parts in the groin. Demon ladies go bare breasted.

Miscellaneous Facts

– Demons have very good night vision.
– Demons are carnivores and eat mainly large game, their favourite is wyvern.
– Demons are short-tempered and have a tendency to react in animalistic ways (growl, purr, roar)
– All demons have a great dislike, even fear, of thunderstorms.
– Feathered demons also hold a great hatred for rain.
– When it is raining demons are calmer because they equate fighting with flying, and none like to fly in the rain.


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