Plans for the Future

I’ve finally got through the backlog of stories I really wanted to post, I will go a little slower from now on, but these are the things I still need to add.

  • Casting Runesongs (Completed fantasy novel) – Planning (6 posts)a Blurb (with a link to completed novel) and two short stories
  • Aetheria (Surreal fantasy world-building)– All the planning (lots), two short stories and a post for story ideas
  • Suppression (post-apocalyptic alien invasion world-building) – Planning
  • Mists of Corruption (Choose your own adventure swords and Sorcery) – Planning
  • Void Queen (Science Fantasy Epic Novel) – Planning and links to the first few chapters.


I know, it looks like a lot and I’ll try to spread it out. You may not get Suppression or Mists of Corruption as they are projects which haven’t progressed far. I’m also debating whether to also post about other hobbies (such as my paper crane folding) or to leave it with my writing.

Finally I need to work on my About page and pages for each project. Please let me know what you’d like to know about me.



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