Lost and Found

She ran into the door at full speed, bouncing off it painfully as her hands fumbled for a handle that wasn’t there. The door was in fact boarded over, with some meaningless words stamped on the wood. She turned and her hand found the tree, she took a hold of it to steady herself and rested her other hand on her knee looking back the way she came. She was out of breath and lost, but it did seem her pursuers were some distance behind.

“What the fuck do they want?” She whispered.

She heard the heavy boots pounding on the pavement. Ignoring the stabbing pains in her side she straightened. After only a moments hesitation she turned and ran on. She dodged through the back streets of the old town, not knowing where she was going. Always the sound of boots followed her. She paused under an awning. Her hands rested heavily on a door handle which wouldn’t turn as her breaths cam in gasps. She closed her eyes, she had never run this far before and now she just wanted to collapse. The footsteps returned.


Streets blurred, some looked familiar but most didn’t. She ran through crowds and darted around the corners of the back streets. She stopped whenever the tramping of heavy boots were no longer audible. She often had only a moment’s rest. She stopped behind a garbage hopper. The boots rounded the corner. She didn’t even have the breath to swear. She stumbled to her feet when she caught sight of her pursuers, heavily armoured men. They looked like police but didn’t have it written on them anywhere. She staggered around the corner.

“There she is.” One called.

“Shoot her.” Came the order.

A bullet ricocheted off of the bricks just as she turned the corner. Lucky again, but how long could that luck last. A hand wrapped around her arm and she was yanked sideways. Her shoulder screamed with pain. Her head hit something hard. The world went dark.

“Are you alright?” A voice said somewhere in the shaking world.

The shaking stopped and a boy took his hand away from her shoulder. He looked her over quickly before glancing back towards the window.

She couldn’t contain herself, but she knew better than to yell, “Where the fuck are those fucking men? Where the fuck am I? And what the fuck were they doing?”

The boy helped her sit up, “They just went past, I pulled you into my house as you passed.”

“Why the fuck would you do that?”

“Because they were shooting you!” The boy said, “Why were they shooting you?”

“I don’t fucking know.” She needed to get a hold of herself, she didn’t usually swear this much, but she felt she needed it.

“Well, I can get you some dinner then we can get out of here.”

“I don’t know how to be a fugitive.”

“I’ll help.”


“Because you aren’t the only one.”


I should play with this world again, if others are interested?


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