First Story

Always remember where you started, so you can see your progress full force. This is my first story, and I keep it around to make sure I always know that while my current story might not be perfect it does show my improvement.


I was exploring the forest just outside my home, when I entered the Glade. I could not believe my eyes, there in front of me were hundreds of the legendary winged unicorns that are known as Unicorns of the Sky. They came in all the colours that horses can come in and more.

Until that moment I had never believed those tales that sent many hunters out to capture them alive. The tales that said that one day a Unicorn fell in love with a Pegasus and gave birth to a new intelligent race; The Unicorns Of The Sky.

They were certainly Intelligent, I could see it in their eyes as they regarded me. Seemingly coming to a decision, they parted letting the most beautiful horse I had ever seen through.

She was golden, with a white mane and tail, her horn was gold and her wings went from golden to pure white at the tips. She was nimble and fleet of foot. But it was her eyes that captured me, they held such wisdom.

“Maria” She said, it was confusing, I could hear her whinnying but I heard a comforting voice in my mind saying those words. “I am known as Starlight in your language, and I welcome you. We have been waiting for you.”

“Why me?” I replied, “I am but a Hunters daughter and a petty Sorceress who will never pass her tests.”

“Because you alone are pure of heart, you alone are worthy to ride one of us.” came the reply, “and if you more: at 13 you can out-shoot almost all of the hunters in the region.”

She looked at me hard, then added “Choose with your heart, for your heart knows how worthy you are.”

There was no doubt what she meant, but I could not bring myself to look hard at any of the others.

I turned to her and spoke my heart, “But, Milady, if I cannot choose you then I cannot choose another, for you will always be in my heart.”

Starlight seemed to brighten, “Then me you shall have, and we shall be as sisters!”

I was so happy, ever since I saw her, this was what I had wished for, but I never believed that my wish would come true. Suddenly I became disheartened, I could not have her for one simple reason…

“I cannot choose you, for I would not wish to endanger the queen of the Unicorns of the Sky. surely you know that any hunter that sees you will wish to capture you.” As I told her I started crying.

Starlight smiled, I cannot say how I know, for an equine smile is very different, but she smiled, and replied “Dry your tears young one. We have a trick to prevent them noticing us. Watch.”

As I watched, Starlights’ horn and wings disappeared , the only thing left that might hint that she was more then just a plain horse, was the sparkle of intelligence in her eyes.

I was overjoyed, I ran to Starlight and threw my arms around her neck. I loved her dearly and wondered what I would have done without her.

I got her home and I still have no idea how I convinced me father to keep her. I new from the start that our friendship would survive through tough times.


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